NooNii has been my nickname for pretty much my whole life, so what a better fitting blog name. I guess you are all asking the same thing…will the real NooNii please stand up? Well in that case, my real name is Nicky Mihan, I am 19, enjoy long walks on the beach…. just joking. I am a Marketing student in Melbourne, the local’s best check-out chick but also have just started doing some social media management (*give me a call*).

Noonii corowa-17
Photography: Luke Phelan @lukephxlan

NooNii is my first ever blog…and soon to be overly used excuse to go out for dinner. I simply went to uni and went to work, and I wanted more. I needed creativity and something to be excited to do in my spare time. So thus, NooNii was created to share things that I enjoy in my life. From style and travel, to food and events, NooNii will have whatever I am feeling like on it. And more than likely you will be feeling the same and loving it too ;).

So if you like complex carbohydrates and shoe shopping as much as me… we will get along just great ♥

P.S. (Boys are welcome too).

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