How to Come Back After a Big Weekend of Indulging

Had a big weekend of food, drinks or generally not being healthy?  Feeling a bit guilty on Monday? Don’t! This is what you should be doing to get back on track and feeling great.


So, despite your best intentions, you didn’t stick to eating healthy. You need to ditch any guilt you feel and stop beating yourself up about it.  Feeling guilty about overindulging is wasted energy—spend that energy doing something productive instead. Positivity on the day of having a healthy day today will assist you in achieving a clean eating day. Focus on today being a clean and great eating day!


When you first wakeup you should have a large glass of water. Even add some lemon to help stimulate you digestion. After a big weekend you need to drink even more water than the norm. Aim for more than 2 litres or 8 glasses to help flush out the weekend toxins. Keep your water bottle with you constantly to remind yourself to continue to drink. And if you think you are hungry, even though you didn’t eat that long ago…try having some more water.


While you may be tempted to skip meals because you had way to much on the weekend, this could be the worst thing you do. You need to eat 3 main meal in your day, and if you are hungry you can add two small snacks. Stick to high protein and low carb. Be conscious of what you are about to eat before putting it in your mouth.


You need to schedule a workout in your day to get your body moving and feeling better again. Whether it’s a high intensity class or a walk around the park, we assure you that you will feel more energized and more positive about the rest of the day afterwards. A good workout will help you sweat out the bad and the ugly toxins and release endorphins to help start your week with a smile!


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