Muharam Cafe

97 Burwood road, Hawthorn

Open 7 days

How many times do you look for the perfect cafe to go to? We all have our own checklists but mine is:

  1. Amazingly delicious food;
  2. Amazingly good looking food (you know for the photos)
  3. Not too pricey
  4. Pretty building or space (for the photos again!)

Knowing our checklist my friend and I went on @melbfoodbaby and other Instagram accounts looking for just the right place! And it was easily decided…Muharam Cafe!

It takes a little bit to find it cause its very small, but once your in the cozy, beautiful place you will love it! You will more than likely have the same trouble as us with being indecisive with our food choices ’cause everything sounds and looks amazing! I was obligated to chose the red velvet pancakes *drool*…and boy did I love it!!

Oh and if you haven’t seen my post Shades that was standing in front of their awesome painted wall out in the courtyard…. just in case you wanted a cool Insta shot. I highly recommend going and following them on instagram to see what delicious food is on offer.




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